About Us

Company Background

SD7 was founded in 2013 by industry professionals who saw a need for a more personal approach to compliance and technical support. Using their decades of experience providing security and technical services in diverse industries, such as manufacturing, financial services, education, and health care, they formed SD7 with the client in mind.  SD7 has grown into a multi-disciplinary provider of professional services.

Our Philosophy

SD7 believes in partnering with its clients to provide the high quality, professional support in all security and technology needs. SD7 believes in working alongside and embracing the experience that their clients’ personnel bring. Security and technology should support an organization’s mission and objective. If designed correctly, security and technology can improve the work experience and enhance productivity. SD7 has the experience to step in as a valuable partner and do this properly, allowing organizations to focus on their mission and objectives instead of their technology needs.  

Sherrie Nuttall


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Sherrie has always been interested in the “why” of every situation.  As President of SD7, her inquisitive mind has served her well as she is driven to find solutions and opportunities for each client, as well as understand the regulations and legalities organizations must adhere to.  Sherrie has worked with a professional consulting company to set up and supervise operational reporting structure and has also performed valuable quality assurance work in the security services industry. Her organization and attention to detail have helped build SD7 into a thriving company. In addition, Sherrie believes the success of any organization is based on valuable contributions of each team member and client.

Jonathan Choate

Director of Technical Services

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Jonathan has more than 25 years of experience in various aspects of information technologies.  Jonathan specializes in platform transitions and merging infrastructures from acquisitions.  He has been Chief Technology Officer for a software development company and has developed and implemented SaaS and hosting infrastructure as well as trained IT staff and executive teams in compliance and best practices.

Wayne Varga

Director of Security Services

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With more than 30 years of experience in various aspects of information technologies, Wayne brings valuable experience to the SD7 team through his information security work across multiple industries at all levels.  He has worked as a CEO and CISO of multiple companies and has applied his in-depth knowledge to help clients find solutions to their technology needs.  Wayne is passionate about security and experienced in architecture, design, development, implementation and support of security systems and products.  He also has extensive experience in regulatory compliance and risk assessment.  Wayne also loves to share his experience and knowledge by developing and presenting training courses.

Jon Funes

Sales and Marketing Executive

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Jon Funes has led multiple organizations as President or CEO where he oversaw the improvement of internal operations and the implementation of better customer outreach.  Jon has been involved as a Vice President of Sales and Marketing for many small and large businesses, managing multi-million-dollar sales.  At each company, overall sales increased considerably under Jon’s leadership.  Jon understands business at all levels. He has also been an advocate for schools and the continuing need for valuable educational tools to empower and protect students in an ever-changing world of technology.