SD7 offers courses on internet and computer safety to help fulfill your requirements for continuing education. These courses can help keep you up to date with continuing trends and dangers of online business and communication

Online Safety

Whether at home or in the classroom, online safety is a concern. We created our online safety course is designed to educate children and adults in basic online safety survival skills. Our interactive approach makes learning fun for all ages. Course highlights include: safeguarding personal information, social media safety, protecting against predators, avoiding online scams and acceptable use behavior. This course is available through online video training, live online courses, in-person training and in our cybersecurity card game.

Security Awareness

76% of businesses reported being victims of avoidable phishing attacks. Protect your organization and staff from potential disaster through better education. Our security education platform has helped our customers reduce successful phishing attacks and malware infections by up to 90%. With nearly 1.5 million new phishing sites and thousands of new social engineering scams being created each month, you should feel confident your staff is equipped with the knowledge to avoid these attacks. This training can help staff in large and small organizations to better protect themselves, their clients and their students. Our continually evolving security education curriculum ensures that your staff is trained to identify and avoid the latest security threats.

Regulatory Compliance

77% of organizations face an external compliance audit at least annually. This compliance course teaches staff members what their responsibilities are and how to help their organization pass the audit. Regulatory Compliance Training also helps staff to prevent and detect problems that may result in violations of laws and regulations. Separate courses are available for each standard including PCI, HIPAA, and privacy regulations.

Secure Coding

Learn more about secure coding techniques and the most common risks for web applications. Learn how to identify and fix common vulnerabilities in web applications and put this knowledge to use. Through SD7, learn about OWQSP’s top 10 and choose between PHP, python, java, or other languages.

If you don’t see the course you are looking for or are not sure what you might need, contact us!